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Mexican Breakfast $10 Two free-range eggs, 2 corn tortillas, pinto beans, apple salsa, purple cabbage salad, and guacamole.

Breakfast Burrito $9.50 Scrambled free-range eggs, roasted tomato salsa, pinto beans, sour cream and cheese in awhole wheat tortilla.
Add guacamole for $1.50
Baked with sauce and cheese for $2.50

Morgan Taylor $9.50 Another breakfast burrito with roasted potatoes, scrambled free-range eggs, roasted salsa, cheese, sour cream.
Add guacamole for $1.50
Baked with sauce and cheese for $2.50
BRUNCH 9:00-3:00 daily
Vegan option available for eggs
THE BREAKFAST $10 Free range eggs, pinto beans, roasted yams and potatoes, purple cabbage, and apple salsa, served with cornbread with honey butter.
Add guacamole $1.50
Add veggie bacon or veggie sausage $2.50

Lemmy $12 A poblano baked with pinto beans, cheese & ranchera sauce, topped with two free-range eggs, served with tortillas &hash browns.

ALAN’S BREAKFAST $12 Romaine, purple cabbage, cilantro, cheese, pinto beans, balsamic vinaigrette, guacamole, and apple salsa, topped with two fried free-range eggs. Served with two fresh, hand-made corn tortillas.
Add a side of roasted yams and potatoes $2.50

HUEVOS RANCHEROS $12 Free-range eggs on hand-made corn tortillas with our ranchera sauce, sour cream, pinto beans, roasted yams and potatoes, & purple cabbage.

Doe’s $11.50 Two poached free-range eggs, fresh spinach, roasted red pepper drizzle, goat cheese & hash.
Add black beans $1.50
Add veggie bacon or veggie sausage $2.50

EGG MUFFINS $9 Two cornbread muffin tops, topped with guacamole, cheese, and a fried egg. Finished with your choice of warm tomato or tangy tomatillo sauce. Served with a side of purple cabbage.
Add roasted yams and potatoes $2.50
Add veggie bacon or veggie sausage $2.50

Becky’s OMELETTE $12 Roasted red pepper sauce, spinach, caramelized onions &cheese, served with hash, beans & purple cabbage.

Breakfast Tacos $9.50 Our hand made soft corn tortillas with black beans, caramelized onions, scrambled eggs, roasted tomato salsa, cheese and sour cream. Served with purple cabbage.
Add yam and potato hash $2.50
Add hash $2.50
Add guacamole $2.50

BREAKFAST BURRITO $9.50 Scrambled free-range eggs, pinto beans, roasted salsa, cheese and sour cream in a whole wheat flour tortilla.
Add yam and potato hash $2.50
Add guacamole $1.50
Baked with sauce and cheese $2.50

MORGAN TAYLOR $9.50 Another breakfast burrito with roasted potatoes, scrambled free-range eggs, roasted salsa, cheese, sour & sour cream.
Add yam and potato hash $2.50
Add guacamole for $1.50
Baked with sauce and cheese for $2.50

MRS. COHEN $11.50 Bandidas’ spicy tortilla soup, finished with avocado, toasted tortillas chips, feta cheese, cilantro & two poached eggs.

Sourdough French Toast $12 Three thick slices of cinnamon sourdough done up French Toast style and served with plain yogurt and, apple compote and real maple syrup.
Vegan version available

Benny’s Not your traditional benny! Our bennys are topped with your choice of warm tomato or tangy tomatillo sauce. Instead of English muffins, we use our house-made cornbread muffins. All benny’s are served with pinto beans, roasted yams & potatoes, and red cabbage.

HICK’S BENNY $12 Housemade guacamole & fresh salsa.
Sherman’s Benny $12 Creamy goat cheese & caramelized onions

Baked Goat Cheese $9 with roasted red pepper sauce & walnut crumble with tortilla chips

Edna Dip $8.50 beans, ranchero sauce, & mozzarella baked in the oven. Served with sour and chips.

Amos Dip $9 beans and cheese, salsa, guacamole, sour cream & tortilla chips.

Stuffed Mushrooms $6 butternut squash, cheese, and garlic

Chips & Salsa Sm… $3.75 / Lg… $6.75

Chips & Guacamole Sm… $4.75 / Lg…$8.50

Chips, Salsa & Guacamole Sm… $6.75 / Lg… $10.50
TORTILLA SOUP $9.50 A new take on this traditional Mexican soup. Made of roasted tomatoes in a rich vegetable stock, blended smooth and topped with avocado, tortilla chips, cilantro and feta cheese. It is delicious and hearty.
Add handmade corn tortillas for 50 cents.
Half Soup $5.75

HOUSE SALAD $9.50 A big bowl of romaine lettuce, purple cabbage, cilantro, avocado, feta cheese, pumpkin seeds, and apple salsa dressed with house balsamic vinaigrette.
Add roasted yams, organic chipotle tofu, or spicy walnuts for $1.50
Half Salad $5.75

MARJORIE’S SALAD $10 Romaine lettuce, cilantro, avocado, cheese, warm pinto beans, and apple salsa over a bed of tortilla chips, dressed with Bandidas lime vinaigrette.

Baby Dee Salad $10 Baby spinach, goat cheese, apple salsa, ground walnuts, roasted red pepper sauce and house balsamic dressing.
Served with roasted salsa & sour cream.
Add a small guacamole for $3.25, or a large for $6.50
Veganize $3    add extra cheese $3

Pascale Mark Cheese, onions, sweet peppers, corn, and jalapenos, on yellow corn tortilla chips.
Small… $12    Big… $16    Add pinto or black beans… $1.50

Pete and Bits Feta, goat & mozzarella cheese with cilantro and pinto beans on yellow corn tortilla chips. Small… $14    Big… $17

Hampton Cheese, smoky-sweet chipotle tofu (organic), pinto beans, onions, sweet peppers, corn, and jalapenos on yellow corn tortilla chips. Small… $14    Big…$17

Burrito $9.75
Burrito in a bowl $9.50
Baked Burrito with cheese $12.50
Baked Burrito with goat cheese $13
Tacos are
2 = $6.50
3 = $8.50
4 = $10.50
5 = $12.50
6 = $14.50

Bobcat Roasted potatoes, pinto beans, purple cabbage, cheese, sour cream, & roasted salsa

Connie Walnuts ground, pinto beans, cheese, apple salsa , purple cabbage roasted red pepper sauce & sour cream.

Wolf & Goat Fresh guacamole, purple cabbage, pinto beans, roasted tomato salsa, cheese & sour cream.

Leona Gayle Smoky-sweet chipotle tofu (organic), pinto beans, cheese, roasted red salsa, romaine lettuce & sour cream.

Stella butternut squash, spinach, rice, pinto, roasted salsa, sour & cheese.

Ronny Russell Roasted yams and onions, fresh guacamole, black beans, green salsa, purple cabbage & toasted pumpkin seeds.
Add cheese or goat cheese $1
Add sour cream or vegan sour $.50
Add a side of rice and beans $2.50
Add a beautiful side salad $3.50
Switch to homemade soy sour cream or Daiya vegan cheese $1


All the enchiladas are $12.00
Three filled corn tortillas with the following fillings, topped with cheese & baked in the oven with your choice of sauce.

Rocky's Three handmade corn tortillas stuffed with black beans, baked with cheese.

Dani's Three handmade corn tortillas stuffed with roasted butternut squash, baked with cheese.

Dave's Three handmade corn tortillas stuffed with sweet chipotle tofu (organic), baked with cheese.

Add guacamole for $1.50
SOPHIE'S POBLANO $12 A roasted poblano pepper stuffed with butternut squash and pinto beans. Baked in enchilada sauce and cheese. Served with two handmade corn tortillas and your choice of either beautiful side salad OR beans and rice.

Misty’s Poblano $12 A roasted poblano pepper, stuffed with our chipotle tofu,Baked with our chipotle tofu, pinto beans, enchilada sauce and mozzarella. Served with two hand-made tortillas and your choice of a beautiful side salad or, beans and rice.

Fajitas $13 Smoked tempeh, sautéed strips of poblano chiles, onions, mushrooms, & red peppers. Served with rice, beans , & cheese, roasted salsa, sour cream, red cabbage, and handmade corn tortillas.

BUNDY’S QUESADILLA $12 Two corn tortillas quesadillas filled with mozzarella and pinto beans. Served with roasted salsa and sour cream and your choice of rice and beans or a beautiful side salad.

Add guacamole for $1.50
Veganize for $1.00
Lesley’s Lil’ Quesadilla $5.25 a corn tortilla quesadilla, served with beans and rice

Baby Bean & Cheese Burrito $5.25 just bean and cheese in a whole wheat flour tortilla

Ryder’s Bowl quarter of an avocado, roasted yams, rice & beans $7

Nachitos $8.50 a small plate of plain cheese nachos, served with salsa and sour cream

This cake is loaded with chocolate in every bite with coconut flakes sprinkled on top. Is it really vegan? Yes!

A decadent and creamy chocolate cake. This cake is blow-your-mind delicious, as well as gluten-free.

Our take on a traditional Mexican dessert. Flan is a yummy baked custard, with a hint of cinnamon and a rich caramelized topping.

These bite sized balls of smooth mint chocolate are the best case scenario when you just need a bite of high quality deliciousness.

One vegan flavor, one dairy flavor. So seriously good!

We're licensed and well stocked! Margaritas, Tequilas, Sangria, Whiskey, Gin, and our Beers are all pretty local.

We also have Hibiscus tea and lemonde, sparkling lemonade, organic tea and coffee, juices, sodas.

If you want coffee or tea to go, bring your cup, we don't have take out cups.